Thursday, December 19, 2002

Well as you can tell from my quotes, I was at the Television Without Pity finale party for the third edition of The Amazing Race. I am very tired as I did not get home until rather late and I'm just a wee bit exhausted.

It was a lot of fun so let me give you a quick run down...

Oswald (AR2) -- Looking stunning as ever

Andrew (AR3) -- Looking very twinkish in his outfit. Dazzling smile too...

Chris and Alex (AR2) -- Whichever one was not dating Tara from AR2 was second runner up in the Best Ass of the Night competition.

Brennan (AR1) -- Still has the best ass of them all.

Jill and John Vito (AR3) -- The cutest of cute. Very nice and open and friendly. These are people you could sit down, have a beer with, and just talk. How can you not love them?

Aaron (AR3) -- Hmm I know he entered but I didn't see much of him to make a good impression. Or I really did see much of him and he still didn't make a good impression. Arianne was there as well but you barely recognized her.

Drew (AR3) -- Looks much better on screen than in person. Maybe it was because he needed to shave.

Teri and Ian (AR3) -- Just delightful. Very nice, genuine people.

Mary and Peach (AR2) -- about stunning transformations.

Kevin and Drew (AR1) -- The life of the party

Karen and Lenny (AR1) -- Karen is TALL (not to mention strikingly beautiful). Nice to see that she and Lenny get along.

The daughter of the mother/daughter AR2 cast -- I think it's Deidre but I am too tired to look it up...anyway I overheard her confess that she dated one of the Itchy/Scratchy guys from AR2 but it didn't work out.

Phil (the host) -- Shorter than I thought he would be but really, really, really nice. And when he eliminates you and does the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG pause, it is so uncomfortable. But it was cool.

I'm sure I'll remember more later....I'm just so tired....
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