Thursday, December 12, 2002

I guess I should give everyone a little update on New Crush and Officer Bob since I did see them last night.

New Crush came right up to me and asked how I was doing and was as friendly as ever. When he heard I was sick he did offer me some Chlorosceptic (or however you spell it) and hoped I felt better. So there was nothing there that even gave me the slightest hint that he had read the Sunday entry and if it bothered him in any way.

As for Officer Bob, he arrived a late and rushed to his seat. As I commented to one of my comrades in arms, it was one of those moments where you couldn't tell if he was rushing to his seat because he wanted nothing to do with me or because he was just running late and needed to get into rehearsal. So there remains a bit of mystery there...

Basically this entire thing boils down to four basic scenarios:

1) They haven't read their email yet.
2) They didn't read the email and just deleted it.
3) They read the email but didn't click on the link.
4) They read the email and clicked on the link.

Either way it's all out of my hands and I have to live with what has been done. Oddly enough, I've reconciled myself to it and I am fine with it.
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