Thursday, December 26, 2002

Holiday Story of the Day

Christmas 2002

I have to share this story from yesterday because it cracked me up. I was watching the Coupling marathon on BBC America and it really made me laugh out loud. Jane, the bisexual who broke up with Steven, brought her shrink to a dinner party at Steven's house. Mind you, Jane said she's vegetarian but she's eating meat. Her shrink yelled at her, "You can't eat meat and be vegetarian, you insane bitch." This was soon followed up by Jane going to the roast, carving herself a piece while making animal noises, and saying, "Mama. Mama."

Then there was Jane with Jake the Snake sock puppet who told Jane that she got her job because of her breasts.

Then there was Jane dating a gay guy who swore that it wasn't a date and she swore he really wasn't homosexual just people-sexual and that there was no such thing as homophobia, just people-phobia.

Then there was Jane...oh who am I kidding...Jane was rocking my world. Oh and the guy whose character was really well endowed was rather cute as well although I prefer the guy who tried to hook up with the Israeli girl even though she didn't speak English and you saw the conversation from both sides -- him speaking English and she speaking Hebrew then him speaking what I think was Italian and she speaking English. Amazingly enough, what he thought her name was translated out to "breasts."

So that and a trip to the gym was my year away from the family dysfunction and I kinda missed it.
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