Friday, December 27, 2002

Freaky Friday Fun

I'm seeing the movie version of Chicago tonight....go ahead hate know you want to....I just hope it is as good as everyone says it is...I'm going to be highly critical of it I can guarantee you...

So, we now have a human clone named Eve. Even better, this groups says that we are nothing more than the offspring of extraterrestrials. And people scoff when I said that I wasn't human.

Hmmm...somehow that closing line from the movie Feds came to mind when I heard about know the one I am talking about -- "And you got Duluth!"

Our good friends at Gawker have given us the place to go if you want cheap, tax free smokes (especially important for those who don't want to pay the extra taxes here in NYC that make it like $7 a pack!). Head over to Barbisbutts located on the Seneca Indian Reservation in Kill Buck, New York. As it is an Indian reservation it means you pay no state or city taxes. Ah, the joy of loopholes.

Is anyone else but me REALLY looking forward to this?

Isn't it nice when married soft core porn stars kiss and make up (and presumably throw each other into a variety of positions where they do nothing more than perform frottage with each other?)

There is actually voting for the worst blog of the year? Just glad to say that I'm not a nominee although you can still vote in the "name my new email domain" poll below. (For the record, I voted for Adam Curry in the worst blog poll for the sole reason that I always wondered what happened to him and now that I was a waste of time to find out.)
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