Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Well we could play Reading Between the Lines today but I was given some news that I must share with everyone because I'm a nice kind good person. (What? Laughing? Do I hear laughing???)

Aaron and Helene from Bachelor 2 have formally split up. Rumors have it that it was because he didn't attend her birthday party earlier this year. Well having a long distance relationship is pretty hard but having such a public one? This means that it's the second relationship from The Bachelor program to have failed. I don't care what Alex and Amanda say, if he's trying to pursue an acting career in California and she's doing a radio show in Kansas then something tells me that they aren't exactly making any major plans to get together.

In other news, this one comes via a friend in the recording business who overheard major executives at CNN and CBS discussing, of all things, the former relationship of one Mr. Tom Cruise and one Ms. Nicole Kidman. According to them (and I'm only reporting what is, after all hearsay and according to some people already in the public knowledge as a possible rumor), Mr. Cruise and Ms. Kidman had a ten year marriage contract where he would help advance her career because he was having an affair with Ms. Kidman's brother. Now if that's true, it's pretty sad. It's the oldest, saddest trick in the book and you would think that they would be a bit more creative.

Now in personal gossip, and I guess it's not really gossip since I'm going ahead and printing something that I alluded to about a month or so back, it's can buy a date with the (646) Guy at a bachelor auction to benefit my rugby team in a few months. If mine goes well...then my date involves skydiving...I just gotta convince a place to donate a dive if I purchase one. That way at the very least they will get some money for a jump and not feel bad about donating or something like that. If I can't get skydiving done then I need to come up with something equally fantastic...any suggestions?
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