Monday, February 03, 2003

Monday Meltdown

I was at the gym this weekend with the rugby team when I learned of the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy. It was odd because a few days earlier I was talking with friends about the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and where we were and how we felt at the time. It was hard to watch the newscast on MSNBC and do an hour on the elliptical runner. The odd thing is that you just knew that it wasn't going to end well for anyone.

Waking the Dead on BBC America has become Must See TV for me on Sundays. It's their version of CSI combined with Cold Case Files that is so superbly written and acted that it's just mesmerizing to watch.

I didn't have my blind date this past Friday as originally planned. I was shafted into a post-work party and Jay wasn't feeling that well to begin with so we agreed to meet up this weekend. Then I caught the flu and felt like my entire body was going to turn on me and beat me with my own legs or something like that. We did talk on the phone for over an hour last night. So I'm taking it as a good thing. I just wonder what he looks like...that's right...we haven't seen pictures of each other.

I'm supposed to have a physical on Wednesday. I just hope my doctor isn't on strike.

I always wondered why the people of Cabot Cove, Maine, didn't force Jessica Fletcher to move when all of the murders started happening in that small town. I mean, they must have had the highest murder rate in all of Maine. One per week for something like ten years or something. And even when she went out of town a murder happened. Once is okay. But wouldn't you think twice about asking her to come visit when they keep happening over and over and over.

Who the heck is going to replace Bob Barker when he decides to leave The Price is Right? I mean...what other creepy old man is going to take his place?

Some of us at work are contemplating having a pool as to when President Bush is finally going to go ahead and invade Iraq. I mean we all know what's going to happen, it's just a matter of when.

Seems like no one felt like playing my Reading Between the Lines game because only one person responded and they were wrong (sorry Allan -- or however you spell your name). The correct answer was number 4 -- the one about Sharon Stone.

I'm not a sucker for man-woman sex. It doesn't matter how drunk I get.

I found my passport and looked at the picture I took back in May or whenever it was. It doesn't even look like me anymore. My ID from work -- same thing. People on the rugby team saw my work ID and the picture and said, "Oh yeah. We remember him. Who was that?" I keep surprising one teammate each time he sees me with my weight loss. It makes me feel good. Just makes me hope things work out well with this guy Jay. He seems like a nice guy so I have no complaints. So far. :) Maybe I'll convince him to come to the Blogger Bash.

Speaking of the Blogger Bash...are you coming?

I'm a whore for Gawker.

What's up with that chick Sarah from the Joe Millionaire show having done bondage porn or something like that? Imagine if Evan Marriott had heard about this during the show. I imagine his response would be something along the lines of, "Well that kinda cool ya know. I mean if that's what she's into and all." And I swear can they make him sound any stupider than he already does?

And speaking of bachelors, poor Greg got arrested or detained or something while he was heading out to California (most likely to shoot the reunion episode of The Bachelorette. Sure he just wanted the rest but he should have had a prescription or something. Oh well. Misunderstanding I'm sure.

Rosie Perez has great tits. Don't ask me how I know this but I just do.

I'm going to crawl back into bed now. Bye bye.

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