Friday, February 07, 2003

Current bachelor auction date idea...

Breakfast at Tiffanys -- croissants and coffee standing outside the Tiffanys store on Fifth Avenue looking at the diamonds and then go in and browse around when the store opens (just like in the movie a la Hepburn)

Three Hour Carriage Ride through Central Park (more on this as it relates to the quiz in a moment) -- For the history and nature buff in your life, this three hour excursion of New York's most beautiful landmark is a gloriously green sight-seeing alternative. A knowledgeable driver will give a detailed description of all the famous spots while also pointing to lesser known areas and facts about the Park's extraordinary landscaping and history. (This from Champagne courtesy of yours truly.

By then we should be ready for dinner and I'm looking at the nice Cafe Loup in Union Square (must talk to friend about dinner for 2 pass there first of course).

Possible additions to this day include a ride on the carousel in Central Park or possibly even a Broadway or off-Broadway show.

Now I know you all want me to do the hot air balooning but the cost of that would be $450 and I could try to get them to donate the cost for one person if I paid for the other but then there is the cost of transportation to New Jersey (same deal for skydiving) to the location to actually do the event. Now, if someone own or knows of a limo company that would be willing to donate a day's worth of limo service let me know. NOW! :)

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