Friday, February 28, 2003

Quick! Where do you go to download music online for free (and the good stuff not the stuff that you can only find on because they band hasn't signed a contract with a major label)...I have WinMX, Kazaa, and Morpheus (I'm sure there's some hidden charges I haven't learned about yet).

Go! Work! Produce! Tell!

I'm also wondering if this guy's segment on Strictly Personal ran last night. I thought it was him and I have to admit that show cracks me up. VirtualVicki arabesque-ing on rollerblades was a if it wasn't him, then the guy it actually was is just as adorable...

Update: It indeed was Alex on Strictly Personal last night. Alex...take this as it is (which would be a total compliment)...if you were gay, I would so be into you...sadly that heterosexual man thing is a total turn off for me...then again if we were dating, we couldn't have the potatoes or chicken fried steak...well maybe once a week on the one bad day a week I allow myself...and I have a loft bed as well so I don't know how you feel about heights and so here is his ad and you had better work fast because someone is going to snatch him up and be one lucky woman...dammit...hee!

Of course I'm feeling really stupid because I read his blog and somehow managed to miss that important tidbit of info that his episode had aired and pretty much feel like I've just mad an ass of myself.
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