Friday, February 21, 2003

And it's time for a quick check of the news...

I thought this law was stupid when I heard it and I do find it interesting that the attorney general's office in Florida isn't even going to be there to defend it. Well...when you pass a stupid fucked up law like that what do you expect?

And if I was this couple, I would be pretty damn mad as well. Of course after the first time I would make sure I was doing some especially kinky for her subsequent visits. Maybe the maid wanted to join in?

Geez. I'm sure someone will say that this was the result of terrorism. I could sneeze and they would say that terrorism was to blame.

But will they provide classes to help them learn the subject properly? And not just women on men either....I want all varieties... :)

This is becoming more and more like Baskin and Robbins 31 flavors. How many more are going to turn up now?

If KITT was there, he never would have allowed it to happen.

This man is an ass.

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