Monday, February 24, 2003

I had a friend do an astrological chart on me and the potential for my move to San Francisco. If someone can help translate this, it would be appreciated.

Well, for Libras in general (this means looking at your Solar chart), Venus is lighting up your fourth house of home and family, meaning you're putting some artistic, beautifying focus there. More importantly, though, in your natal chart (where you are Cancer Rising, like myself--oooh! and thus have your Pisces Jupiter in Jup's own 9th house like me! Love you!), Uranus and the Sun are transiting together through the 9th house of "foreign" lands, other cultures, and travel. You are ready to get the hell out of Dodge. ;)

By mid-March, as planets continue to scroll through Pisces, and then later in the month when they shift to Aries, you'll find your 10th house of career and public life lighting up. Progress and power for you, my friend! As I mentioned on HoE, Saturn has gone direct, so we can all start moving forward w/ plans, and by June, Saturn will have moved from Gem to Cancer. This is HUGE for us latter-half 1974 babies. We are about to experience our SATURN RETURN.

Susan went to New Zealand; Shell left her husband and moved to Portland; Mike proposed to Ptero. Big life changes, big shifts in outlook and goals, reassessments of all we have done and where we are going. So, in short, none of your plans are shocking, astrologically.

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