Tuesday, February 25, 2003

A couple of quick notes from tonight's rugby practice and yes we did practice in the cold...in a parking lot...on the concrete...and yes I fell down and was thankful to be wearing my warm up pants. Coach was pleased to see my post-season progress in terms of weight loss and muscle gain. Even one of the assistant coaches was gushing. Made me feel good to know that all of my hard work was paying off. We did some passing drills and I wasn't as winded as I used to be...cardio is paying off big time. I need to work on hand position for prepping for catches and things like that. I missed two passes in a row (including the one that I fell on) and when Coach asked how many passes were dropped, I admitted to my two (although there were more) and Coach said, "Just two. And they were all Brian's." Sigh. This is going to be a fun season (and no, there is no sarcasm in that comment).

In other news, the really, really, really, really hot guy on the team -- I got to massage him at our post practice drink up. And damn did those muscles felt good under my hands. Now if I can just get him out of his clothes somehow. It was odd too because for the entire fall season I was pretty much...well dare I use the word ignored....but it fits....anyway, I was pretty much ignored with him and when we had to partner up, he immediately put his arm around me. He can do that anytime. Personally, I wanted to melt.

I also got to shove a dollar bill down the pants of one of our backs and let's just say given the chance I'll do it again. It was at that moment that I realized how much of a flirt I really am. Shocking, I know, but this was true proof. More than my overwhelming need to massage the better looking half of the Wonder Twink duo whenever I see him (and he did give me a hug at practice tonight after the dropped pass comment by Coach...that made me happy).

And on a side note...I still need an event space for our bachelor auction here in NYC. C'mon people? Any ideas? Anything. Bueller?
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