Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to blog about this but I guess I should since I probably need a shit load of advice on this one so here goes nothing.

I’ve been offered a job.

The job is not in New York City.

The job is not even in New York.

The job is not even on the East Coast.

The job is in California. San Francisco to be exact.

On Friday night (at least I think it was Friday), I got a voicemail to call a friend of mine who also happens to be a former high school teacher of mine with whom I have remained friends since I left high school back in 1992. I’m not sure of the entire logistics or even the name of the company right now as the job offer was pretty much handed to me early last night and I spent most of the evening kvetching about what I was going to do even though the first thing was clear – get more info before you make a decision.

Then there’s my pro and con list for each city.

New York City


Theatre. Lots of theatre.
My rugby team.
Huge entertainment mecca.
The general hubbub and excitement of the city
Public transportation system that, although I sometimes bitch and moan about it, is pretty damn good.
The Yankees
Lots and lots of friends
An apartment that I am finally at home in
A great nightlife that never seems to stop
McHales burgers
Feel free to add some more here


Um…snow. Lots of snow.
Overcrowded public transportation system that has yet to catch up with its passenger load.
Fucking tourists, who although they keep our economy somewhat nice, are still fucking tourists.
The luster of the city has somewhat worn off.
The fact that I could still be laid off from my job
A really bad economy
The continued threat of terrorist attacks.
Feel free to add some more here.

San Francisco


Better weather
They also have a gay rugby team
Um…anything else…I dunno much about San Fran except I could live out my Tales of the City fantasies. Maybe I can find my own Mrs. Madrigal.
Feel free to add more.


I only know about two people there.
Feel free to add more.

Let’s just say I need to do some SF research and get a firm offer in hand (or at least a good offer) before I can make a decision.


Sometimes when you get settled into a nice life, something like this has to happen.


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