Tuesday, February 25, 2003

So I’ve been watching I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here! and can I say what a bunch of fucking whiners these people are!

Every other episode, Melissa Rivers and Robin Leach are threatening to quit. They are just too pampered I think and Robin has threatened to go on a hunger strike until all of his demands are met. Personally, I think they just can’t hack it and when you get people who are on shows like Survivor who have gone through similar if not worse conditions than what they have, it makes them just seem a little petty. To make matters worse, even when all of their demands are met and they are given the assistance they need or are told that something is being done to make their lives better, they…well, Robin and Tyson mainly, aren’t happy about it and want more. Then they say that unless they drew a line in the sand that nothing would have been done but they aren’t happy with what WAS done. I mean really people. You are acting like prima donna babies.

Downtown Julie Brown – Hate her. Want her to die. Want her head on a stick and mounted outside my door.

Robin Leach – When he goes topless I want to vomit. He’s annoying and grating and pretty fucking demanding for a man who does absolutely nothing else but bitch and moan.

Tyson Beckford – Acting like a child. Whine, whine, whine.

You know what ticks me off is that they knew they were going to a rainforest and yet they are complaining about the rain – something the producers cannot control. Get over it people. If you can’t hack it then you shouldn’t have signed up for it. You could have said no.

Bravo to Stuttering John, Alana Stewart, Bruce Jenner, Cris Judd, and Maria Conchita Alonso who all have said they are sticking through every single bit of it because it’s for charity for Christ’s sake! If they were playing for themselves, they would have sucked it up and done it.

They just piss me off and I hope some of them do walk off so they can be ridiculed by America for being such babies!
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