Friday, February 28, 2003

Can someone please tell me the exact moment when you go from noticing a person to outright ogling and undressing them with your mind?

Last night the rugby team had a workout at the Printing House gym (our practice pitch still frozen over) and then some of us went to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame for a late dinner (being that it was 9:00 or so). Being that I am watching my diet so as not to wind up like my father (stroke, heart attack, triple bypass surgery, adult diabetes -- aka diabetes 2 -- and on meds unlike me who has D2 and is not on meds because I watch my diet and exercise up a storm), I had the nice grilled vegetable salad and unsweetened tea and it was quite filling and nice and all that fun stuff.

But anyway, this is all about ogling right? Our waiter was this little hottie that I noticed when I first got there. Now mind you, I acknowledged the fact that he was hot and had a great body but that was about it. However, when I saw the butt that's when I was in heaven. The man had an ass that could eat dinner off of (and we all know what an ass man I am) and well that just sent me off on a wild storm of cruising him every time he walked by whether he knew it or not or was interested or not. Frankly I didn't care because I had a nice view all the way around.

Maybe that line for me is if they have a nice ass...maybe I just answered my own question.

Okay ignore this entry. Back to your regularly scheduled program.
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