Monday, February 10, 2003

Monday Meltdown

Okay, this makes no sense to me, but at the gym my rugby team uses on Saturday mornings, I get better performance doing dips and chin ups there than I do at my regular gym. But then there are some machines where it’s the opposite. Why is that?

Since when did my floor become more comfortable to sleep on than my bed?

Hot glue, when melted and not in stick form, is really hot.

I caught something on public access TV that made me wonder about the world we live in. I don’t know what the event was or what it was for but there was this big Italian guy at some dance hall/ballroom/some place where they had a band on a dais, and he introduced his son. Mind you, big Italian guy had this thick Brooklyn accent and his son…well…his song was doing his “I’m a white guy trying to sound like a black rapper” voice. It was just odd. The son was a horrible rapper, too.

Oscar nominations come out tomorrow. Eh. Who really cares? Chicago, The Hours, and, Gangs of New York will be the big winners. Everyone else. Eh.

The new Harry Potter is going to sell for $30. Who cares? People will still buy it. I have better things to read.

GenSoy bars. Yum. Especially the sour apple crisp ones. Double yum. Kashi bars are a nice runner up.

Someone told me that researchers have found that “kumquat” is the funniest word in the English language. I’m more apt to choose “plethora” or maybe “ubiquitous.”

I caught myself watching an episode of American Gladiators last night and I had to ask myself, “Whatever happened to these people and when the heck is Fox going to buy the rights and revive it to follow American Idol?”

Robyn Byrd needs to retire that crochet thing she always wears. Oh wait. That was from about ten years ago. She still needed to retire it.

Blind date guy (yes the man who I was supposed to have a date with weeks ago but due to illness, injuries, vacations, etc., we have yet to hook up) is going out of town on Valentine’s Day. To Vermont. Sigh. I love Vermont.

My legs hurt.

I was reading through Paul Katcher’s account of his trip to Hedonism II. Interesting to note that there were plenty of bisexual men propositioning their same sex counterparts for sex but not willing to do it out in the open. Or at least Paul didn’t see it happening. Note to self. Hedonism II sound like too much fun for me.

I found out at the Blogger Bash that I’m not really good at innuendo (or maybe I was just too tired). Although direction propositioning I’m very good at. Too bad I was doing that to Jane Galt and not to the one man that everyone was gawking over (and for good reason). I was instructed to give him a big kiss on the lips by someone who was unable to attend (female just so ya know Alex) but I thought that would be a bit forward. The other hot bachelor of the night, although he may not realize this, was this guy. More than a few women were gushing over him.

Another Blogger Bash note…it’s nice to know that you and you thought I was cute and adorable. Now why can’t other men think that??? (At least men that would be interested in other men.) Harumph.

No matter how drunk I get, just remember that I am not a sucker for man woman sex. Ooh baby. Ooh baby. Ooh.
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