Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Post mortem on the rugby practce -- a lot of fun but not as sore as I expected to be. I expected to be limping around the office today begging for Excedrin, Aleve, or some Darvocet or something but actually I am just a little sore from using muscles I haven't used in a while. The guys on the team really were helpful in giving me tips and helping me along the way for my first practice. I can't wait for the next one.

There is something to be said about sportsmanship and the spirit of teamwork. From my sports experience (and for those of you out there shaking your heads and going, "Sports experience? Brian???" let me just say that I have played other sports before and I kinda know what I am talking about on this one...) it has always been the case where the coach or your fellow teammates are yelling at you when you do something wrong or make a simple error -- not just in a game mind you, but in practice as well. This was a much different scenario.

This time there was positive reinforcement and teammates who were more than willing to stop our small group practice to teach me some of the more basic fundamentals about rucking and mauling. It was a combination of "we don't want you to get hurt and we don't want you to hurt us" complex. They were all very patient and very giving with their time which was rather refreshing. They knew they had a newbie in their midst and were willing to teach me what I needed to know in order to make it through the drills. I learned a bit just from watching other people do their drills but it was nice to get out there and get physical.

Next stop on the Rugby Tour is a trip to the optometrist to get my eyes examined and fitted for contacts! Woo hoo!

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