Thursday, October 10, 2002

Because I know people really care about the Miss World Pageant, Costa Rica has joined France, Belgium, Spain, Norway, the Ivory Coast, and Kenya in boycotting the pageant to be held in Nigeria. They are boycotting the death sentence handed down to Amina Lawal.

It's supposed to be death by stoning and I never really knew what that entailed until I saw it on the Today show this morning. Stoning involves buying a person up to their neck so only their head is visible and then tossing stones at them until they are dead. It just sounds so brutal and heinous and cruel. There is so much more body trauma than just getting whacked in the head with a rock. There's the body's inability to expand to take in oxygen. There's the body trying to stay alive or awake when they are being pummeled with these rocks. It sounds so horrific that when I first heard it described I couldn't get the image of what this woman would look like while it was going on.

I agree with the boycott, but I am not sure what good it will do. Every little bit does count though.

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