Tuesday, October 08, 2002

The New York Blade, the gay and lesbian paper in NYC, has this section in the back of their paper called "Bitch Session" that has always cracked me up. Some of them are dead on with their gripes (at least in my opinion) and some are just headscratchers. Then there are those like this one that just piss me off...

There was one guy who called himself a "muscleboi." First and foremost, I hate it when gay men (and they are MEN aren't they?) call themselves "boi" and spell it as I just did. If you are over the age of 25, then you are a man. "Boi" doesn't really qualify for you. I know men in their thirties and forties who call themselves "bois." It's ridiculous. It peeves me off. Grow up, dammit. You are not Peter Pan and you are going to get older whether you want to or not.

Anyway, "muscleboi" goes on to complain about how tired he is of people complimenting him on his good genetic makeup and his body and how people who don't commit to his regimen of exercise, diet, and so forth, shouldn't even bother talking to him or "touching" him. What an arrogant prick? Just based on that alone I want nothing to do with you! Beauty is only skin deep, "muscleboi," but as they say, ugly goes right to the bone. Just because people don't make the same "effort" or have the same "determination" that you do doesn't mean that they aren't worthy to be talked to or even acknowledged. So you keep working out and keep that great attitude and we'll see how many people come floating your way when all you have a nice body but nothing else to back it up. (This also applies to the man who referred to the "trolls" at his gym and the saunas.)

Let's face it. Bodies can be nice to look at but I am tired of people blatantly dismissing a member of our own community. We already have enough division within the L/G/B/T community than having to openly and publicly say it. When it comes down to it, we are all one large group and there is no way that we are going to earn the civil liberties we desire if we continue to act like certain parts of our commuinty aren't even worth recognizing.

I'm more attracted to a man who can carry on an intelligent conversation. I don't care how much you benchpress, how many times a week you go to the gym, how big your arms or thighs are, or what's the best protein supplement to buy. If maintaining the perfect body is your only interest in life then that's pretty sad. As of late, I've been treating my body better by eating properly, watching my intake, and keeping things on a nice even level. I don't obssess over it because it's not worth obssessing over. I would rather have someone want me for who I am as a person rather than want me for the body I have now. Who I am will, for the most part, will remain the same. A body can be impacted and affected in so many different ways. I guess it all just depends on whether you want the outside or the inside package...

P.S. And to the 35 year old guy who prefers the company of men in their 40s over twinks in their 20s. He says it's because the older men aren't going to be worrying about where their next drink is coming from. I prefer men in their 30s more than men in my own age group because it's so rare to find one that can carry an intelligent conversation that doesn't include references to Britney Spears or pop groups that I find hopelessly boring.

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