Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I stole this from HCL and found it to be a wonderful foray into self-exploration...

1 Misconception About My Body

I don’t “take care of myself.” Well, I do exercise. I do eat right. I just have the metabolism of molasses.

2 Lies About My Body

1) I’m in the best shape of my life.
2) You could bounce quarters off of my ass.

3 Truths About My Body

1) I’m far stronger than I look.
2) My “battle scars” can be pretty frightening (fall down stairs, putting my hand through a window, many bike and rollerblading accident, to name a few…).
3) The tattoo on my shoulder (the one that surprises people when they learn I have one) needs some touching up.

4 Wishes About My Body

1) I wish I was in better shape. I’m not talking Chelsea queen buff, just better than what it is now.
2) I wish that I do not have to go through triple bypass surgery like my father. Hell, that I don’t have two heart attacks and a stroke like my father before I realize that I would have to change the way I live if I wanted to live.
3) I wish I had better flexibility and didn’t have to do physical therapy exercises at night to maintain what I have.
4) I know knee surgery is inevitable given my family history, but I would love to not have to go through it.

1 Misconception About My Mind

1) I may be book smart, but I am not that street smart.

2 Lies About My Mind

1) I’m not as mean spirited as I pretend to be.
2) Science and mathematics are the joys of my life and if I could read more and more about them, I don’t think I would ever get enough.

3 Truths About My Mind

1) I use my sharp wit (in terms of sarcasm and comebacks) as a defense mechanism.
2) I require constant mental stimulation. I cannot just sit and vegetate.
3) Sometimes my “creative” world interferes with my own reality.

4 Wishes For My Mind

1) To constantly be able to tap into my creative vortex and be inspired by everything around me.
2) To face unknown subjects or mediums with objectivity, respect, and an awe-inspired open mind.
3) To find someone to share my life with that will keep me mentally challenged, focused, and enlightened.
4) To have the continuing desire to always want to learn more…

1 Misconception About My Soul

1) That I am a mean spirited person.

2 Lies About My Soul

1) I only care about myself.
2) I never had one to begin with.

3 Truths About My Soul

1) I feel more pain than I actually share with others.
2) Like HCL, I have opened up to more people in the Internet world than I have in real life.
3) I do believe that there is some higher power in my life that has been directing me along the path I have walked. It is a path that has made me stronger and more self-reliant than I have ever thought I could be.

4 Wishes For My Soul

1) That it continues to grow and thrive.
2) That it helps me live that old cliché to work as if I didn’t need the money, dance as if no one was watching, and love as if I had never been hurt.
3) It learns to open up more to those that are near him.
4) It keeps reminding me that life is an adventure that is meant to be lived.

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