Monday, May 19, 2003

So let me see if I can put some things into the return of the return of the Monday Meltdown

Sour Apple Jell-o shots rock!

Sleeping for about 12 hours is not a good thing. It makes you stay up until about midnight

Was talking with a friend online last night (okay so it was the guy who bought me in the bachelor auction) and he seemed shocked that I went without sex for eight months. Apparently I give the illusion of a slut without being one. Then again, there are times when I'm just a little too coy for words. I am of the conclusion that my coyness is both an asset and a hindrance.

Wrestler Guy -- nothing new people and thanks to my dinner with Ursula, I am totally fine. Let's move on.

Diana Krall....sigh. Love her. Frim Fram Sauce indeed.

Daytime Emmys -- the "love" song medley got a lot of laughs from the audience for being so dreadful. Especially when that woman came out singing Love Shack. Please, leave that to the B-52s and don't ever try to cover it. Can I also say that I noticed a trend while I was on the red carpent -- really beautiful soap actresses have really ugly husbands and really hunky soap actors have really ugly wives.

Song running through my head right now: "Kissing a Fool" by George Michael. I dunno why.

I'm going to miss Mango and Mr. Peepers. You'll be back Chris Kattan! You'll be back! THEY ALL COME BACK EVENTUALLY!

Chris Parnell as Senator Santorum...hysterical....

Wanting to kill a wonder twink....priceless.

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