Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Okay...last night's date. Let's talk about it shall we...

First and foremost...Richard had no idea what was going on or the hidden agenda until I let it slip while Paula and her husband Mike were at the bar picking up some drinks as we waited for our table.

He was not amused (mainly because he lives in Connecticut and would have been home by this point and not at dinner with friends and someone his friends were trying to set him up with since he JUST GOT OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP ONE MONTH AGO!). Pretty much, we assumed a united front to enjoy the evening despite the fact that we weren't thrilled with what had gone down which is exactly what we did.

Richard was a nice guy but not really someone who sparked any real interest in me (even before I found out that he had just split from his last relationship) but I could kinda tell that he was a little put off by what had happened. He cracked a few jokes, participated in conversation, but you just knew that he really didn't want to be there (as much as I did) and was trying to make the best of the situation. I think Paula caught on as well as she really didn't ask me much of anything in regards to attraction, likes, etc., when Richard excused himself to go to the bathroom. I would hope she would be a little embarrassed that her plan blew up in her face but who really knows.

Ultimately, Richard and I shared a cab from the restaurant so he could catch a train to Connecticut. He apologized for the evening and that it wasn't that he didn't think I was attractive (hey, at least I got a compliment out of it) but the situation threw him for a loop and he definitely needed more time to deal with the break up and wasn't really looking to date. We shook hands and he gave me a twenty dollar bill as he left saying that the cab ride home was on him for being such a lousy date.

I haven't talked to Paula or her husband yet. I think she's dreading my call. On a side note, I banged my foot against the side of the elevator door as I was exiting to go to my apartment and opened up the lovely pocket of fluid trapped under the toenail I'm sure to lose from being stepped on during rugby. It wasn't pretty.

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