Thursday, May 22, 2003

As American Idol ended last night with Ruben Studdard squeaking out a win over Clay's time to get the best of the worst from the fans....these are actual quotes from the American Idol message boards....a lot of people are claiming it was rigged and bitching that they couldn't get a vote in...their thoughts as to WHY Ruben won, Clay lost, and who knows what else...well they made me laugh...

Quotes of the Day

In order for Rubin to get as many more votes as he got, he must have been given 1-2 more phone lines than Clay, because based on my experience, it was not possible to give Clay any more votes than he got because the phones were constantly busy. -- ginnyp711

maybe, just maybe the problem with the lines is that they were busy with people voting.... ohh.. another conspiracy. -- crayon64.

Dont think for a second that GOD and i havent figured it out because,by golly, we have. WE ARE ON TO YOU. But my congratulations to Reuban for winning himself a nice cold spot in hell.(Because contrary to your beliefs, the deepest part of hell is frozen)And Simon, my old friend, why do you continue to steal these innocent mortals souls in order to build an army great enough to take over the earth, in an attempt to overthrow HIM. You and I, both, know that will never happen, and you will be forced back into your abyss, where you can wallow in your own shame. I pity you. Id advise you not to take part in this "game" any longer because HE is getting angered, and vengeful, and shall smite all whom worship this attempt to rape you of your own souls...only time will tell. -- METATRON6543

The only reason Ruben won was because they were threatening to riot in LA if he didn't. I heard this on a show, and it's the only reason that makes sense. -- ameliore

Oh my people seriously need to get a life. -- Stargazer1016

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