Friday, May 09, 2003

Friday Farewell

Okay I have overblogged for today so I'm going to end it with two things...

1) There are blogs that always make me burst into laughter no matter how foul of a mood I am in...and this is a good example of why....Thanks Bobbie!

2) I am such a freakin' flirt with Wrestler Guy....

I got an email from him saying that I had left my umbrella in his truck last night and I followed up with, "Yep, I realized that late last night but I knew it was in safe hands..." blah blah blah....

Of course I also did a double check to make sure that I didn't need to do or check anything prior to tomorrow's big day o' rugby on Long Island and Randall's Island. His response -- just bring your good humor.

Well, I could let that slide so I shot back with an email and hit send before I realized the impact that my email may's what I said (and for the record...the word "kit" in rugby terms means uniform:

"I'll probably bring my kit too because, I dunno about you, but watching me playing rugby barefoot (not to mention naked) might not be what some people really want to see on a Saturday morning..."

I'm flirting without even thinking about it now...I should start Flirter's Anonymous or something...there has to be a 12 step program for this... :)

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