Friday, May 09, 2003

Based on the emails I have received, not to mention Joe's little comment below...I take it more of you want to know what I was referring to in my post from last night....

Let's just say that I was helping Wrestler Guy with some team equipment last night. He said I could meet up at his place and if I got there early, change in his bedroom, take a nap, whatever I wanted pretty much...Sure enough, I started reading my book, did fall asleep, woke up shortly after he arrived. Now he had just gotten home from work and was changing out of his work clothes and I offered to step out of the room to afford him some privacy (especially since I was curled up on his bed at the time). He said I was okay where I was and he proceeded to strip in front of me.

The funny part came when he had to strip from the waist down and he said, "Excuse me," as he turned his back to me and I said, "What for? It's not like we haven't seen it already?" to which he laughed and said, "Yeah that's true." The best part though was I got to see more of his fine as hell butt than what was shown when he was onstage at SBNY.

Thank God I was able to control that one important part of my body while he was undressing...and trust was a vision to behold.

Does that help you, Joe?

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