Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Tuesday Tune-Out

I know, Monday Meltdown's haven't been done in a while so it's time for a Tuesday Tune-Out where I can get everything out there and off my mind...

Okay NYC Bloggers...you said you wanted a dinner party...so let's do one...who's in....and suggestions as to where to have it?

Also, I'll have to blog some time today about the recent..what's the word I'm looking for....explosion(?)...in my dating life...

As for the bachelor auction, it seems people really like Package #4...I'm still debating everything but it looks like that would be a good thing...now if I only knew how much people would ostenisbly bid on it...

I did a workout last night with some of the guys from the rugby team. It was more of a weight lifting evening as I did my first ever sets of military presses, unassisted squats, and cleans (and I think something else but I don't remember). My left arm is twitching just a bit but I think it's from the blood vessels and possibly their new freedom to have the blood freely move through the system (or something like that).

The rugby team made about $500 at our bar night this past weekend. But all of you need to come to our bachelor auction...we have a lot of great guys and date packages lined up...who wants to attend the broadcast of World News Tonight with Peter Jennings?

Kumquats. Nothing else. Just wanted to say the word.

Union Girl is going to try to set me up on a date with someone in the chorus. She also finds it odd that since I joined the chorus as an associate member in 1998, I haven't had sex with a single chorine. I'd just like to think I have standards. Sometimes.

My coworker who uses her on-the-job injury to her advantage (many days off each month and leaving early multiple days for "doctor" appointments with practically no repercussions from management) left early again this morning. I wanted to throttle her.

No rugby practice tonight. With all the rain I have to wonder if there will be a game this weekend.

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