Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Since Jing Hau brought it up, I guess I should expand a bit on my feelings about The Bachelor and his date with Amber. Amber is a quiet girl and she was picked, according to what we saw on the show, based on her looks alone. When he got her on the date, he learned that she was quiet and not much of a talker. The best part was when she asked him about his favorite restaurant chain. You saw him light up for a second when she got to the word restaurant and then just plummet when he heard the word "chain." Then the fact that she couldn't separate Italian food from Olive Garden cuisine was a bit laughable.

I mean we saw the date and it was uncomfortable to watch as it must have been for him to go on. She thought it was a great date while Andrew thought it was the pits. Just from watching I thought it was the pits because there was nothing in there that showed us she really wanted to get to know him better or put herself in a position where she was open to his questions. Compare her date to any of the other dates. Hers was definitely the worst.

I'm sure Amber is a nice woman and has many friends and when she comes out of her shell she's great to be with and be around. However, that did not come through last week whatsoever. We saw her more animated when she was stuffing her face at the invitation night than when she was on that date. I would not have given her a rose either.
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