Monday, April 07, 2003

Okay one more poll to help me finalize what I will be doing for the team's bachelor auction. Here are my final options, so please vote and let me know what you personally would want to bid on if you were at the auction.

Package #1 -- Breakfast at Tiffanys (croissants and coffee in front of Tiffanys before a la Audrey Hepburn in the famed movie followed by a walk through the store to view the diamonds), a three hour horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park with a knowledgeable driver giving a detailed description of all the famous spots while also pointing to lesser known areas and facts about the Park's extraordinary landscaping and history followed by dinner at a French restaurant in Union Square.

Package #2 -- A two hour horseback trail ride followed by a dinner at a French restaurant in Union Square (the dinner is alreayd donated if you haven't guessed).

Package #3 -- Tandem skydiving in Long Island or New Jersey followed by dinner for two at McHales (because you can't have French food after you've just jumped out of a need MEAT!).

Package#4 -- Dinner for two and kitchen tour with Chef Kerry Heffernan at 11 Madison Park. "This delightful evening begins with a private tour of the kitchen by renowned Chef Kerry Heffernan. Kerry will describe the ingredients and techniques used to prepare the special meal of the evening. Then sit back and enjoy a five course tasting extravaganza, with the option of a wine pairing that will delight, surprise and intoxicate the taste buds. And if that weren't enough, continue to enjoy the memory of this delicious evening with a bag of goodies specially prepared to be taken home."

So which would you choose?

Which date package would you bid on?


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