Monday, April 14, 2003

Monday Meltdown

Well I had a rugby match this weekend. We lost but I was much much happier with my performance in this match vs. the match we had in Boston two weeks ago. I played stronger, harder, and rougher. I think it was because I let my evil twin Skippy do all of the work while I just sat back and watched. Skippy played a hard match that's for sure. I have the bruises to show for it including one on each forearm and one on my inner thigh. My hands hurt from where I was stepped on but that's okay. One guy on my team though got a black eye. He's so gonna get all the men now.

I'm trying to find the article that I read on AOL last night somewhere on Yahoo News or something because it basically quotes Tommy Franks (the guy in charge of our troops in Iraq) saying that as of yet they had found no weapons of mass destruction but had a list of over 3,000 places to go check for them. Hmmm. And yet somehow George Bush thought the UN weapons inspectors could get through all of that in a few days. Imagine that. Update...found the article here

... (because I can)

The bachelor auction is coming along well and I would love to see some of you come out and bid on our guys (for the record, I typed "gays" first before correcting it to "guys," but either way it works). Now, yes, all of our men in the auction are gay but I don't care what you have between your legs or what gets you off...if you have money and want to bid on one of our men I am damn well gonna take it! Currently we have on the block (with more that I'm not telling you about) -- wrestling lessons, dinner prepared in your home by a gourmet chef, tickets to Stomp, Naked Boys Singing, Take Me Out, Cirque du Soleil etc (all with dinner), dinner at 11 Madison Park including a tour of the kitchen from the executive chef with a small lesson on how the evening's meal is prepared, a wine pairing with your meal, and a bag of treats as you leave, a evening which includes sitting in on the broadcast of World News Tonight and a lot more...come and bid and make me happy...

Kumquat. I just love that word.

Truck stops and rugby teams. Two things that should not be combined. Nothing sexual mind you. Just kinda scary. For the other people there.

McDonald's double cheeseburgers. Nectar of the Gods.

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