Thursday, April 03, 2003

So I was watching The Bachelor last night and I was struck by something -- all of these women seem to think that all they have to do is compete "hard " or put on their "game face" in order to be the last woman standing. I always thought that this was a relationship oriented show and that the only thing that really mattered was how the bachelor felt about you as a person and whether or not you were the right woman for him. Putting on your game face might be a turn off, but that's just me.

I opted not to go to Boston this weekend. I'm still nursing a cold I think I picked up this past weekend at the match there (in the rain and mud and Canadian geese dung) so I'm skipping their bootcamp and may go up on May 3 to watch their match since that is an off weekend for us in terms of matches. Besides then I can take a plane up there (or something equally nice).

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