Monday, April 21, 2003

Monday Meltdown

Okay…let’s see…where do I begin?

China and SARS – Nice work there, China. Let the entire world get infected with SARS while you under-report the number of people actual infected. Nice. Very nice. Of course, this would probably put you in Bush’s “axis of evil” or something like that. Who knows.

Our new 51st state and its governor?

Sammy Sosa's helmet cracked when it was hit with a baseball and supposedly he's okay afterwards. That must have been some helmet.

I finally got the one holdout I was looking for to commit to doing the bachelor auction. I did a happy dance.

I went to a non-traditional Passover seder yesterday. Yes, I know Passover was Thursday night (or something like that) and that's one of the reasons why it was a non-traditional seder. Actually, it was a very moving evening for me and there was this wonderful woman named Tricia (if that's not how it's spelled then oh well) who gave a very moving speech at the end of the service when we went around and talked about how the seder had impacted us. She was not Jewish (as were many of the people in the room) but she talked about being a chef and how the entire thing resonated with her from a food standpoint and what it meant to the Jewish faith and I was moved by her speech and well...we did a toast in her honor. I had never been to a seder before being raised Southern Baptist...I was just thankful that when we got to singing "This Little Light of Mine" it was a song I knew. And for the record..."Chad Gadyo" is one fucked up song...

Scott Peterson was (supposedly) found with $10,000, his brother's ID, blondish hair and a goatee when he was arrested. Well we know the hair and goatee part is true. Anyway, should I be repulsed by the fact that I thought he looked hot with the goatee? And while I'm at it, I know that everyone is supposed to have their fifteen minutes of fame, but wouldn't this just be the worst way in the world to have them?

Rugby this weekend – we lost and I went out in the first half of the first match with my knees just killing me after I had been picked up out of a ruck and slammed to the ground landing on the knee that I had only wrapped but not put into a brace. I limped to the try line where our scrumhalf was pushing for me to leave the game since I was pretty much just hobbling off the field and I insisted on finishing out the half. Well that was the plan until pain shot up my thighs and there was no way I could finish the half. One Celebrex later and I was playing in the second match (first half only and for the opposition of all things) and managed to get a few good hits in on my own guys but my knees were screaming at me all night. No I shouldn’t have played the second half but the opposition needed a few guys to fill out the second side and I said I would do it for a half even though my body was going, “Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you to cause me such anguish?” On top of it all, I started the game again and actually took a starting position away from someone I never thought I would replace and was a good, but scary feeling. I talked to the coach that night at the drink up and we made a deal that I would tell him how I felt about playing following Thursday's practice so he could take the appropriate measures.

Then there was the guy on our team I propositioned at the post match drink up (well more flirting than propositioned because if he had taken me up on it I have no idea of what I would have even done). Now mind you, he’s got to be at least six and a half feet tall (the top of my head barely reaches his chin) and he’s absolutely adorable. What I didn’t know was that he’s still married (as in “married to a woman” married) as I thought he was dating this guy who lived on the Upper East Side (well more than dating was my original thought but I’ll stick to dating) and is working his way out of the marriage (although I think they still live together). Anyway, I got this super sweet email from him this weekend after the matching asking how my knees were and pretty much just saying that he needed some time to get his head together and get past the rough patch he's in at the moment. Of course I'm NOT reading into the fact that he called me a "hottie"...well technically it was a "fuckin hottie" (his spelling not mine) but that's beside the point. Why did I bring this up? I have no idea...maybe it's because he also mentioned he had two "paw prints" on his ass that had to come courtesy of yours truly from lifting him during the match... :)

Bachelor Auction -- Next Saturday. Are you coming? I need people to bid on my men...and dammit if you take the wrestler I will beat you silly...
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