Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Since Dee thinks I should put this story up because it's short and funny (not to mention highly embarassing to myself), here goes nothing.

The Story of Brian and the Cat Urine

This goes back to when I was in second or third grade and living in Clemmons, North Carolina, so you have to bear with me just a bit. On this day, the weather service said it was supposed to rain so I grabbed my yellow vinyl/plastic/latex/whatever raincoat but my mother told me and my sister that it wasn't going to rain so we wouldn't need them after all.

Now instead of doing the smart thing and hanging my raincoat back up, I proceeded to throw it on the floor and go to school. And yes, it eventually did rain that day and I had nothing to protect me from the rain when I got off the bus to go home. Now, when we got home, I discovered a big puddle in the middle of my raincoat and I assumed that the roof had leaked.

"Taste it," my sister said.

So I did. It was nasty and salty and was, quite unmistakably, the taste of urine. The cat had peed in my raincoat. Yummy..
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