Friday, April 25, 2003

So I sent out these emails yesterday afternoon to our team, our fan mailing list, and a few other rugby mailing lists to publicize the bachelor auction this weekend. Each person's date package was listed with a short description that built up the date a bit and helped to give a little oomph to the program and each person's date package. I mean you can say you're taking someone to America for dinner but if you've never been there and don't know their cuisine then you may not bid on it.

The reaction was amazing. People from all over the country (not to mention a few people in London) wanted to find out how they could phone in a bid on our men. I wasn't prepared for the outpouring of carnal desire -- for the date packages I mean. :) It was flattering for me since I wrote the program but also for our men for having such desirable date packages that people from far away would actually want to bid on our men. So I went to practice and I talked it up and let people know of the emails I had received and so forth and went home feeling much better about this event than I have in quite some time knowing that the men up for auction would feel good about the fact that they had support out there.

That lasted until I got to my emails. Sitting in the middle of all of them is the team's biggest pessimist who told me that my email was BORING and he got lost after the first three people (which didn't surprise me coming from him), and that I had not properly planned it out or else it would have been shorter and to the point and I could have alreayd made arrangements for people to bid over the phone. Instead of going into detail, I should have just put the barebone minimum information down (which he then proceeded to show me...). I told him that it was because of that email that we got such a huge response and I just learned of the cell phone bidders that day. I mean please...he hasn't been working on this (and in fact pulled out of the auction last week because of HIS poor planning) so he can fuck off and die. Oddly enough, he's the ONLY one to complain the entire time about the email. It's really gotten people excited and go fuck yourself.

My only pleasure was in knowing that he got the crap beaten out of him during practice during a ball handling drill and the coach told him that he was going to have to learn to take the hits from the big guys as well as everyone else. I'm talking he got hit to the ground hard...I think it was just his karma backfiring on him for being such a shit.

And in true Gawker-whore fashion, can I just say I was zeta-jonesing on my Chinese food last night after rugby practice...hmmmm.....I must put this word into greater usage...
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