Friday, April 18, 2003

So I went to the doctor yesterday and he is referring me to a knee specialist. Before I left, he did give me some samples of Celebrex to take but I'm going to hold off taking my first one until after the match this weekend should I get the chance to play which I hope I do knee nothwithstanding. I have a referral to see a knee specialist so I can see if I need physical therapy (please, oh please, oh please) or surgery (no way in hell, you can wait until after the rugby season for that.

Speaking of which if you want to come see the match it's on Field 20 on Randall's Island. Take the M35 bus over the Triboro Bridge and it's the first stop once you cross the bridge. Basically just ring for a stop once you get on the bridge and you'll be fine. Then it's just a short walk to the fields across the street. You can pick up the bus at 125th and Lex and our matches start at 1:00.

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