Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Survivor Teacher Arrested for Assault on Student
Matt Savage from the Associated Press

Eldon Missouri Authorities announced this morning that 24 year old Heidi Strobel, a contestant on the CBS reality series Survivor, was arrested yesterday on charges that she assaulted one of her students. Strobel, who works as a physical education teacher in the Eldon, Missouri School district was taken into custody after several students went to the principal's office during their PE class and told Principal Prittchard that Strobel was striking a special ed student across the face and buttocks.

According to eye witnesses, the PE teacher repeatedly insisted that 14 year old Timothy Hale, who has autism and is nonverbal, do jumping jacks and count out as he performed the act. When he would not count, Strobel became enraged and began to slap him repeatedly, ending with her hitting him with a closed fists.

The teenager was taken to Lake Ozark general Hospital for observation. The Police arrested the reality show contestant who was already receiving flack for stripping on last week's episode of Survivor: The Amazon. The school board met behind closed doors last Friday and decided to not renew Strobel's contract for the 2003--04 school year. After the arrest, the school board met again late last night and chose overwhelmingly to fire Ms. Strobel and are considering a law suit against her for violating specific clauses in her contract.

The Board also announced that Today is April Fool's Day and you should never believe anything without checking the facts.
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