Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A few things off the top of my head...

Okay I keep finding this link ( in my stats and when I click on it, it's ID and password are you? Mildly curious here...

Okay I got a note today from Wrestler guy today as we're working on some auction stuff and he wants to make sure that everyone up for auction has fun and goes for a nice price and all. So he knows my date involves dinner for 2 at 11 Madison Park and he closes out his email saying, "Fear not, Skippy (my nickname on the team), I'll back you up. I love Madison Park." Make me swoon why don't you???

Now, later this week (most likely tomorrow), I'm going to list the entire set of date packages as they presently exist. There are a few doozies out there and some people have REALLY gone out of their way to do well...all I gotta hope is that we bring in the cash which means I would love for you to come to my party and revel with my teammates and buy a few raffle tickets. You don't have to bid on a guy but just come and have fun. Think of it as cocktail hour with two fabulous hosts auctioning off lots of cute men...

Hmmm what else was there...oh war for us has to be USA vs. France. That should be fun for me since I work for a French company. Bomb the wine region! LOL

Speaking of I mentioned before, I went to my first seder earlier this week (should that be a capitalized "S" in seder/Seder?) and I was to bring a few bottles of wine. Now, I don't know much about wine as it is and I was told to bring about three or four bottles. Now mind you, I didn't want to shell out a lot of cash because frankly, after setting up the payment plan to pay down my debt, paying my accountant to do my taxes, and everything else...well...let's just say I wasn't rolling in the bling bling. I wasn't even bling. I was maybe bl if anything.

So I talked to the woman at the wine store and said what I needed but it didn't have to fancy stuff but I at least wanted it to be a decent wine. She picked out an Australian merlot ($7.99), a Chilean merlot ($6.99), a South African Chardonnay ($6.99), and an Argentinean Chardonnay ($7.99). With taxes, a little over $30 for wine that this woman I had never met picked out for me and swore everyone would like.

People thought this stuff was of the $20 per bottle variety when they were drinking it. They were complimenting me on my wine expertise. They thought I had gone to town at the wine store. Now as much as I wanted them to believe their own hype, I laid down the truth about the cost of the wine and they were in shock. "What do you mean this was a seven dollar bottle of wine? This is the best stuff I've had in years and I buy the relly good stuff!" said one shocked woman.

The sad thing is..I don't even know what I picked out so I can never buy it again unless I recognize the label design.

Sucks to be me. At least in that case...

Next story involves Eduardo. Let's see did I blog about Eduardo? Yes I did when I talked about my dating spree as of late. Well Eduardo wanted to get together again the Friday after our Tuesday date and I said sure. He said for me to call him when I got home from the gym and he would tell me where to meet him. No big whoop right? So I called and left a message. He never called back at all. Ever. Not even to apologize.

So last night, one of my fellow ruggers was driving me and another teammate home. This other teammate knows Eduardo and we're talking about the men we like and Austin said, "Oh we know you're type. Eduardo." I responded, "Whatever, he hasn't returned my calls so I've written him off." Now mind you, this is a few weeks after my date with Eduardo and this is what Austin finally decides to tell me, "Yeah. He's a real flake. I was kinda surprised you went out with him."

Gee. Nice to know that after the fact.

So...let's, Eduardo, France, odd link....yeah I think I covered it all. Oh plea...

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