Thursday, April 10, 2003

I was reminded in an email that I needed to talk about the “explosion” in my love life. So here goes nothing…

First I had a date last Saturday night. We went and had burgers at McHales and then caught the 12:30AM showing of CHICAGO at the Ziegfeld. It was actually pretty cool since there were only about eight of us in the theatre at that hour and I got see the movie closer than I had before when I always opted for the stadium style seating towards the rear of the theatre.

Now through dinner and the movie it was all rather nice and respectful. We didn’t try anything in the theatre. Not even the “arm stretch in the air followed by putting the arm around the guy” move. When the movie was over, daylight savings time had kicked in so we lost an additional hour in the theatre making it about 3:30 in the morning when we finally left. Since it was rather late and I had a lot to do on Sunday (laundry, clean my apartment, work out, rugby team benefit) I agreed to walk him home (and be a gentleman) and ultimately agreed to go up to his apartment for a little while.

Ultimately, he wound up giving me a back massage and we made out on his bed. No sex just making out. Actually we decided that it would best if we didn’t go any farther because it could be a bad thing. So we just made out and I wound up getting home around six in the morning.

Sunday night, I’m at the rugby team’s bar night at The Web and as the social chair for the team, I have to be…well…social. I greeted people, talked to some of the players from the women’s team that came out to support us and did a few jello shots with the guys (not to mention nipple shots but that’s something else altogether), and hosted the raffle later that evening (where I was thankful that we had a winner on the first ticket drawn since a lot of people had left already).

Now, before I left, I was introduced to Eduardo, a guy who came to the benefit with a teammate. From what I later learned, he specifically asked to meet me since I was being the social chair/diva/dominatrix that I am and didn’t get a chance to really meet him. Anyway, we made plans for a date later that week and we exchanged phone numbers. Well he called the following night and we talked for about two hours before we both decided it was time to go to bed.

We did have our date and let me just say he is a damn good kisser.

And then there’s Union Girl doing her damnedest to set me up with people as well.

What is going on people???
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