Thursday, April 10, 2003

Sigh. I'm working on improving my karma this year and in doing so I'm also ridding myself of the rest of my credit card debt (I got rid of all my cards about two years ago yet the debt lingers). To do so, I entered into a super ass strict payment arrangement with one card company by which I must financially cripple myself this month (and I do mean cripple) in order to agree to their terms (which aren't so bad after this month is over). Well, pretty much the first payment is the crippling payment (one third of my outstanding debt which pretty much wipes out the rest of my savings) the rest is just gravy. Maybe I can start putting some of my stuff up for sale on eBay again. I still have a lot of playbills I can sell and I did make quite a bit of cash off it when I did it a few years ago...

But at least I will have less debt when the year is over and that's what is really important, no?
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