Tuesday, August 26, 2003

People amaze me.

I got home last night and got a phone call from a friend saying that he wanted to set me up with someone to see if we hit it off. Now before you get your panties in a twist and starting whining, "What about Kik'e?", let me remind you that he and I are not at a serious stage in our dating where we are exclusive so the door is open for me to date others. Anyway....this friend...we'll call him Ned....he says that if things do hit off with this guy then...get this...I have to share him with Ned. As in open relationship.

I said no way in hell. If I'm in a relationship it's going to be monogamous and I explained this to Ned. Several times. If it was just a fuck buddy relationship then fine, no problem there, but if it's serious and we're setting up house, then hell no. Finally, Ned says that I was being greedy and selfish about it and I said what was greedy and selfish about monogamy? Ned, mind you, is the man who told me repeatedly that he loved his boyfriend and was going to bet true to him even if his boyfriend's medication gave him the sex drive of...well....no sex drive but that's beside the point...Ned refused to acknowledge that my point was valid or that even my reasoning was valid even if he didn't agree with it and said that he wasn't going to put me in contact with this guy after all.

Basically....I have to wonder about people who say they are going to do something nice for someone but it has to be on their terms....it makes no sense whatsoever....

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