Thursday, August 14, 2003

I have my US Open tix...that makes me happy. I try to go every year (usually on Labor Day) to watch some of the matches. My favorite part is to go out to some of the far outside courts to watch doubles play because you pretty much get right down to the court level or just a few rows away and can just watch for hours. Last time I went I got to see Mats Wilander and Michael Stich play in a masters (35+) match as well as some great action in singles play as well. There's something so intimate about watching matches on the outside courts that it's just a joy to sit there and lap it all up.

This year, though, I bought evening session tix way up high in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Yeah, it's the cheap seats but for $22 you really can't beat it now can you? It's on a Wednesday night and I'm going to see if Kik'e would like to go with me. I know he says he's not a big tennis buff but if he's in town it would make for a nice date, no? Night session though does mean that I will get to see one of the marquee players compete but the chance for an upset is usually very small...but it's still the US Open...

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