Monday, November 04, 2002

What I hate most about working in the banking industry -- everyone draws lines in the sand and points fingers at each other as to why something is wrong.

For the past two days I have been trying to work out why a certain transaction appears wrong on either my side of the spreadsheet or the client's side. Everyone is like, "Well you need to talk to this person to see what they did and don't do anything until you hear back from them and this is how you need to draft an email to make sure you get your point across..." and everyone can just shut the hell up.

The main trepidation I had in taking this job was that my knowledge of the financial world stopped when I left the hell hole known as Merrill Lynch back in 1996. Even then I was only working in mutual fund operations and didn't have the knowledge base that I feel is necessary in order to keep up with my job here. I keep asking for training here but I do know that there is a limited amount of time that I have to go to these classes and they aren't offered that much.... to sit in the boss' office on a conference call while more people draw more lines in the sand and nothing gets done.

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