Saturday, November 02, 2002

Well, as soon as I post to question as to whether or not we had gotten the nod to be the US delegate for the 2012 Olympic bids...well we did! Yes, NYC 2012 is going forward to face Rome, Toronto, Rio de Janiero, Moscow, and who knows who else will jump into the fray.

If NYC hosts the Olympics ten years from now it's going to be one amazing time. I think it could be another step to help heal the city and bring our international culture together as one force. I was watching the news and they had a track athlete who got a gold medal in 1988 in Seoul being interviewed. She said that of the roughly 190+ different countries in the world, 98% of them could be found in NYC.

It's funny, I was on the shuttle bus to Ikea and when we came out of the Lincoln Tunnel we were greeted with this fabulous view of the NYC skyline. I just stared at it as we headed to the turnpike and I found myself sighing at the image. I had the same feeling then as I did when I first glimpsed it late one night on my way to the hotel for my job interview the following day -- it's home.

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