Thursday, November 14, 2002

Well, according to there is now an 80% chance of a light rain for my rugby match on Saturday. Great. That should be fun.

In other news, Verizon is an agent of Satan. The amount of my current phone bill -- $546. The amount of the last bill I received $56. I don't use the phone THAT much. So I called them up to arrange for payments (because I don't have $546 laying around to do it all at once) and I asked the woman that I needed to confirm my address since I didn't receive my last bill (nor did I think about not receiving my last bill until today) and she said I had to speak to someone else about it and that she would transfer me. I asked her if she had my address in front of her and she said yes and I asked why she couldn't just tell me what it said and then transfer me if changes needed to be made. Nope...had to transfer me anyway. So I get there and it's all okay and perfect so I ask about going to pay the bill. That means I have to talk to someone else. I get to a person and before I pay my bill, I ask if I can get reprints of my last bill so I can see the charges (specifically long distance) before I made a full payment. She says that's yet another person. To top it all off, she doesn't take payments herself, she has to transfer me to their automatic payment system so I can do it there and THEN she transfers me over to a complete moron who tries to sell me on a new plan and I finally said, "LOOK! ALL I WANT ARE REPRINTS OF MY BILLS. THAT'S ALL. NOTHING ELSE!"

If their goal is to provide me with quality service, then they FAILED!

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