Monday, November 18, 2002

Can I just say that the cutest thing in the world happened last night...

After working at the Gay Life Expo, I joined some members of the rugby team for dinner at this French styled diner called Florent in the meat packing district. I took my seat at one end of the table not really noticing who I was sitting next to -- a guy from the Boston Ironsides, one of the teams we played this weekend.

About five minutes into sitting at the table he leaned over and shyly (and quite politely) asked if I would mind trading places with his weekend paramour. I, having no objections to this, then proceeded to call out his name and made the international symbol of "let's trade places." He in turn said, "Are you sure?" and I reponded with, "Um...yeah..."

It was so cute it cracked me up.
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