Thursday, November 07, 2002

Well, sad to say, but I did get the correct bachelorette to be booted last night. Bye Gwen...I miss you already.

In other news, I have taken this Democratic drubbing in the recent elections with a fresh set of eyes. The Republicans have been told, in effect, "Okay, you want power. Well we'll give it to you but you had better damn well produce." The Democrats have been told, "Okay, guys, you want power, well you need to get out there and prove that you should be leading."

Basically both sides have been told to shut up and do their jobs. Enough yapping and bitching and complaining and pointing fingers at each other. We want you to produce. We want you to work. Republicans have been bitching that the Democrats are holding them up from getting their work done. Well by God you have the ball now so you had better shoot and score. Democrats, you had better take a strong look at your "coaches" and decide whether or not to fire them. In a way, you got lucky in 1998. The Republicans tried to use Clinton's taped deposition against him and it backfired on them giving you better numbers in the House and Senate. So what am I saying here...Republicans had better produce and Democrats had better start to think smarter and with a stronger, more powerful voice. I have hopes that Senator Edwards of North Carolina gives a run for the Oval Office in 2004. He may be the best choice the Democrats have to reclaim the White House until 2008.

In other news, I woke up late this morning, was late into work, and will probably be late to rugby practice as well. To top it all off, I forgot to set my VCR to tape Survivor, Will & Grace, and who knows what else before I left. Sigh...I hate it when I'm late. I rush and I forget important things. Like wearing underwear...
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