Friday, November 01, 2002

Unless a gun is held to your head or you are required to do so under the penalty of death or some tyrant who thinks he has a brain takes over this country (oh wait, hasn't that already happened?), do not use UPS for any form of shipping.

Their customer service sucks. The rugby boots you see below have been sitting on a truck since 6:00 this morning and have yet to make it to their required destination. I called UPS to make sure that they are being shipped to the right place so I can pick them up (because I am not going to leave those shoes on my front stoop for someone to steal) and I was told that I would get a call back in two hours after they had talked to the driver of the truck because they don't carry cell phones with them (at least that's what UPS said). I say, BULLSHIT! They do carry cellphones, they just don't give UPS the damn number! I called back at 2 when I didn't get a phone call back with word from the driver. They said to call back at three (which would have made it almost 4 hours since I originally called) just to give a little extra cushion. I called back at three and they sent another message to the station who then waited another hour to call me back. Their message to me -- we'll call you back in half an hour.



I'm calling THEM in half an hour. They do not want to me turn into a major diva bitch on their ass. I want my boots. I want them now. This is unacceptable.

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