Friday, November 29, 2002

Brian's Thanksgiving Low-Down

1) Woke up at about 10:00 after a night of partying to celebrate the birthday of one of my rugby team members. Had a nice laugh in remembering some of the more interesting antics of the evening.

2) Went to the gym around noon and hit the weight room (Wednesday was cardio so Thursday was weights and Friday will be cardio). Surprisingly packed for a Thursday but most annoying were these two kids whose guardians pretty much ignored them while they sat on the inflatable balls and violently tossed the smaller ball back and forth to each other trying to knock them off of the ball. Even worse, in the locker room, the guardians were in the sauna while the other two were left to "play" in the room with the sink and the controls for the steam room. While I was getting undressed to hit the shower, they decided to peek around the corner and I gave them my patented look of death and they opted to go sit out in the lobby area of the gym.

3) Got home about 2:00 and spoke with one of my fellow ruggers who asked about the New Crush. Mind then wandered over to what the New Crush was doing for Thanksgiving.

4) ...

5) Opted to join the ruggers for a late Thanksgiving Day get together. We watched way too many episodes of Changing Rooms on BBC America and I was glad to know that I wasn't the only man who thought that Handy Andy Kane was a hottie. This was then followed up with a round of some odd game that Paul brought over where someone gave you an adjective and you had to look at the cards in your hand and pick the noun that best fits that adjective. Then the person that gave out the adjective had to pick what went best with it in their opinion. Well Paul, who brought the game, won and we decided to keep playing until we got a second winner which happened to be me. James Bond was my choice for the word "flirtatious." I also won with Colorful -- A Used Car Lot, Dangerous -- Canadians, and something else that escapes me at this point. As for the Canadians one, well...let me just say that I needed to get rid of either that card or the one marked "wheat" because I had held them in my hand for so long I just wanted to be rid of them. Now, only my close friends will understand why I picked Stephen King for the adjective normal. Poor Mark. I thought ht was about to blow a gasket when I picked that one.

6) A round of truth or dare ensued. Dares included licking someone's ear for a minute, mooning the neighbors, sitting your underwear for three questions, licking mash potatoes off of someone's chest, and maintaining a kiss from one ankle to another (for that you have to imagine a man standing up and someone kissing the arc of the legs...) Far too many truths revealed...

7) Home very late in the morning...decided to head to the gym after work rather than first thing in the morning so I could get some extra sleep.

Oy vey, I am still tired...
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