Friday, November 08, 2002

Coming soon to a theatre near you....Rugby: First Blood -- the story of a new rugby player who gets accidentally clocked in the face by his coach and winds up bleeding at practice.

Yep, blood has been drawn. I feel like such a man now.

What happened was as follows -- we were practicing a rolling maul (which let me tell you if we pull this off in a game it will totally kick ass!) and I went in to strip the ball but while I was going for it, Coach Steve whacked me in the face and my first reaction was, "My glasses!" and then I felt really stupid because, well, I don't wear glasses anymore. Sure enough though, Steve's wedding band connected with the side of my nose and took a nice scrape of skin off. The poor man was apologizing left and right because he didn't mean to do it but it just happened. something worse isn't going to happen when I get into my first match.
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