Monday, November 25, 2002

Oy vey...okay I need some impartial decisions here so let me get some thoughts from everyone...feel free to chime in whether I know you or not...

I took a job at this international bank in August of this year. I'm making the most I have ever made in my life (if you put that on a base salary level and not include overtime) and so far it's all okay if not supremely boring. Mind you, in order to take this job, I turned down a spot as the company manager on a national tour of a show. The pay here is most likely greater than that of the national tour and the perks better.

Now, I learned this weekend that there is most likey an opening coming up in the accounting department of this touring company and that my name was brought up once again. I did the right thing in shooting off an email to the guy that I spoke with before about the potential opening (referencing the friend who told me about it) and asking for the details of the job to see if it is a match.

Now here's where the interesting part comes I keep the job I have which will most likely pay me more money but might not keep me as personally fulfilled or do I go for the job with the theatre tour people that will pay me less but may be more fulfilling? If I go through the entire process of an interview and so forth and turn it down, then I will, effectively, be ending any chance of employment there. I guess my first question would be the salary range for the position as well as retirement, 401(k) and so forth...

So...questions...comments...snide remarks?

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