Monday, November 25, 2002

Monday Random Stream of Consciousness

This morning I spent another hour on the elliptical runner at the gym. Thought that hour would never pass by fast neough but I made it.

However, I think this morning will be best spent wishing the Bush twins a happy 21st birthday. This of course now means that they will lose the thrill of underage drinking, getting arrested for it, and embarassing their father more than he embarrases himself.

And this may interest those of you who were so into the most recent season of The Bachelor and watched Aaron Buerge propose to Helene Este(something really long and I don't remember all of it). Aaron was once previously engaged before and, in fact, if you click here you will get to look at his previous wedding announcement when he was engaged to a woman named Valerie (if this is to be believed of course) who was 21 years year younger than runner-up Brooke Smith who was 22. Of course Aaron is older now but this does give us pause to go hmmm.

Today's soup choices at the company cafeteria are "roasted vegetable" and "split pea with ham." Vegetable it is, I believe...

The debate between church and state has broken out once again in Alabama (why is it always the Southern states...don't they have something else to do like sleep with their cousins or go on Jerry Springer?). The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama erected a four ton statue dedicated to the honor of the Ten Commandments. In the first court battle, the CJ was ordered to remove the statue as it was seen as a promotion of one religion over others. CJ Moore responded with, "Hell, no, it's ain't comin' down..." (my words not his). This should be interesting.

My Oz Prison Bitch Name would be Turd Knocker if I used the name I most commonly go by. As some people know, Brian is my middle name, therefore using my REAL first name and my last name I become Skank Cunt. I think I have too much time on my hands.

And if I was ever in a band and needed a name, then it would have to be...Head Transfer Process. Pretty cool for a jazz ensemble, no?
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