Thursday, November 21, 2002

The question has been raised if the women on The Bachelor are losers. I say no.

I think the women he narrowed the field down to are not losers at all. Helene is a highly competent, beautiful, intelligent woman. Brooke is the same way. I know some of you may be saying, "Brooke? Intelligent?" Well since she is looking into law schools I would say that she has to have a good head on her shoulders in order to do that. The part that seems to be bugging everyone is the emotional distress some of these women seem to be in after they are eliminated.

These people all have feelings which come into play on these shows -- moreso with The Bachelor than with others. The women run the risk of getting too emotionally involved or committed to the man in question and then when they are eliminated they are crushed, hurt, etc. The ending of this show is the worst because you know that one of these people has the thought that they are the one running through their mind. Brooke genuinely thought she was getting the rose. But she didn't and sadly Aaron didn't really give her a good explanation then and didn't give a good one in his confessional interview which left her with many unanswered questions from the end of her participation in the show to even today. I hope she gets the answers she is looking for. If anything, I hope Aaron sits down with her and has a nice long talk. I think in the end they will all be friends, but I think the onus is on Aaron to explain his actions, why he chose as he did, and take her feelings into consideration when he explains what happened but simultanously be honest with her about it.
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